Feature of Symantec

VeriSign has long been recognized as a leading certification authority.

Symantec purchased VeriSign's authentification division in 2010.

This ongoing business has protected more than 1M servers worldwide, the global leader.

Excellent Visibility

Our certificates are supported across almost all the world's web servers, PC browsers, smartphone and other devices.


SSL certificate 1 year 2 years 3 years
Secure Server ID ¥81,000 (excluding tax) ¥162,000 (excluding tax) ¥243,000 (excluding tax)
Secure Server ID EV ¥150,000 (excluding tax) ¥300,000 (excluding tax) ¥450,000 (excluding tax)

Please click here for instructions on the application certificate.

Site Seal

About Site Seal


Using an SSL certificate seal on your site, security can be authenticated and customers can immediately trust your site.

The seal is available for free.

Certificate content
Site name Common name that has acquired the certificate (site name)
Verification status of SSL Validity of the certificate and its expiration date
Company / organization name Organization name that has acquired the certificate and the organization's location (municipality, ward, prefectures and country)

How to attach Site Seal

1. To access the following Symantec page, please agree to Symantec's Secured Seal Terms of Use.

Symantec Secured Seal Terms of Use Agreement

2. Please ensure to use the Common name at set-up when you post the website seal.

3. To select the type of seal image, please choose one of any image that matches the size of the site.

    With a transparent background, the size can be selected from the S / M / L.

4. Please enter the Common name (site name).

5. Press the "seal link creation" button to get a link for the seal display.

    And then copy-and-paste the link to your site's HTML source, please.