Dealer name BitStar Co., Ltd.
Representative Akihiro Maeda
Street address Dai3kouan Bld. 3F, 1-21-1, Minami7-jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
Phone number 011-241-0064
Selling price Posted on each product
Necessary fee other than commodity price and delivery fee Consumption tax, transfer fee
How to order Internet or phone
Payment Method Credit card, bank transfer (the transfer fee, paid by the customer)
Due date for payment We specify the commodity price to within 10 our business day after the contract established bank account to a payment or credit card, please go to settlement in
Sales volume There is no limitation of the sales volume.
Shipping address It will be limited to Japan.
Delivery date of the product Usually within one week
Returned or exchanged Because of the nature of the product, returned goods are not accepted.