GlobalSign corporate authentication SSL

Product Summary

"Enterprise authentication SSL" is the OV certificates (Organization Validation certificate) validating the publisher site existence.

Product features

Applicable to 99% of the PC browsers

"Enterprise authentication SSL" is compatible with more than 99% of PC browsers. Because Global Sign has received the certification of WebTrust (CA), a third-party certification organization, the root certificate to most browsers have already been pre-installed.

Enhanced site reliability

Global Sign is based on third-party certification authority conferred by copy of the corporate registration and Teikoku Databank information, thereby authenticating the existence of the company. Since the site user can see at a glance the authenticated site seal, you will improve the reliability of the site and strengthen security through anti-phishing.

Price list

1 year 2 years 3 years
Corporate Authentication SSL ¥59,800 (excluding tax) ¥119,600 (excluding tax) ¥179,400 (excluding tax)