About SSL Certificates

What are SSL certificates?

SSL certificates are a technology that encrypts information. Data exchanged on the Internet uses SSL to prevent eavesdropping and falsification of data by a third party. Refer to the pages below for more information.

About SSL server certificates

Application flow

Please tell me the procedure on how to purchase SSL certificates

Please refer to the application certificate procedure for each product.

Example: Case for GeoTrust Quick SSL premium

GeoTrust certificate application procedure: Quick SSL Premium

What documents are required for your application?

For first time applicants signing up for their first year:

1. Copy business formation declaration such as Articles of Incorporation or sole proprietorship registrations documents


2. Proof of Identification such as drivers license, passport, official registration card issued by government, etc.


3. Copy of telephone bill.
->your "registration has been corporation", "personal business" is above 1.~3. Conjunction each of the following is 4.~11. Please prepare the necessary documents in.

When signing up for the second year

1. Proof of Identification such as drivers license, passport, official registration card issued by government, etc.


2. Copy of telephone bill.


3. Copy of the previous year's declaration of business income tax.
->your "registration has been corporation", "personal business" is above 1.~3. Conjunction each of the following is 4.~11. Please prepare the necessary documents in.

Corporate registration

4. Article of Incorporation (within 3 months)

Sole proprietorship

5. Documents stating that you are the representative director of this company. (within 3 months)


6. Documents proving that the sole proprietorship is in fact a legal and on-going entity. Example: tax declaration form from previous year, etc.

National and public school and its affiliated organizations

7. For national and public affiliated institution of school, rules and conventions that claim the relationship between the national and public school

Any organization that is configured in the organization

8. INCOME seal certificate (within 3 months)


9. Corporate Constitution (which defines the relationship of subsidiary)


10. Board of Director members list (Not required if already included in the Constitution.)


11. Proof of representative secretary (Not required if already included in the Constitution.)

About CSR

What is a CSR?

The CSR (Certificate Signing Request) is a certificate signing request to issue a SSL server certificate.

The public key information in the CSR are its organization name and location.

In order to apply for a server certificate, you need to create a pair of keys (public key and a private key) on the web server.

Please tell me how to create a CSR

The procedure for creating a CSR will vary depending on your server and the contract of your server plan.

Please contact us from our site in the support page for more information.

We also offer agency services, including CSR.

Please tell me the notes at the time of CSR creation

The contents of registration for CSR generation will depend on and be reflected in the SSL certificate to be issued.

When you register, all notation must be in English.


Common Name

The URL refers to the domain name.

The URL (FQDN) that you specify in the browser must be consistent with the SSL connection.

(https: //) and enter the string during the next slash (/).

  • https://bitstar.jp/ -> bitstar.jp
  • https://www.bitstar.jp/ -> www.bitstar.jp
  • https://sample.test.bitstar.jp/ -> sample.test.bitstar.jp

Organization Name

Regarding the inclusion of Inc., Co.Ltd., K.K., etc.Please specify in the formal English name of the governing body of the site, which includes such notation.

Organizational Unit

Please specify department or department name for identification purpose.


Please specify the location (in detail with address, ward, city, etc) of the organization site management in English.


Location of organization regarding Prefecture or State, in English.


Site management organization is located in which country, using abbreviated form.

If Japan, it would be "JP".

About Purchase

Issuance of invoice, receipt or delivery quote is possible.

Sending issuance by email is free, issuance by mail requires a surcharge of 500yen.

If necessary, please contact us from the support page along with a proviso-address.

Settlement Methods

Settlement or payment methods include bank/wire transfer or credit card

For more information, please refer to the following page


Were there any problems incurred within the past year?

Various SSL certificates purchased by other agencies can be transferred.

SSL certificates within 90 days of expiration can be updated.

About the issue and re-issue

How long does it take for certificates to be issued after purchase?

The examination of the SSL server certificate is a skilled art and takes a period of about 2 weeks to one month to perform.

The SSL server certificate is reviewed by the certificate authority, who examines the evidence provided. Depending on validity of the documents and their review, they will complete the process within a number of days to weeks, although there are cases where about one month is necessary.

Is it possible to have the certificate reissued? (such as in the case of the SSL certificate being lost)

Customers with a private key and a SSL server certificate in use, when trouble occurs, it is possible to carry out a re-issue by BitstarSSL, free of charge.

If you've lost the certificate or have trouble during your use, please contact us by inquiry form, or call us.

About update

What is the procedure for updating?

When we periodically update any features, we will contact you by email and inform you of instructions.

Is it possible to update past a certain time period?

If you are operationg the same SSL certificate from the same server name, you can update for a period of 90 days past expiration.

Can you update notification?

In the case of CyberTrust Rapid SSL you may update 90 days past notification. In the case of GeoTrust, 60 days past notification. In the case of Commodore, update 30 days prior by e-mail.

Along with an update, you may also renew according to the procedure stated in the e-mail.