Cyber​​Trust SureServer

Product Summary

SureServer is an OV (Organization Validation certificate) certificate that authenticates the validity of the publisher's site at an affordable price.

Product features

Fastest domestic issuance

The SureServer OV certificate, requiring the authentification of publishers, is the fastest real certification that can be issued domestically.

Long track record

SureServer is a product of the electronic authentication center at CyberTrust, which has a qualified investment performance of more than 10 years in Japan, including issuance to some of the nation's largest companies.

Through their consumer-oriented beginning, they have serviced domestic companies and financial institutions to a point where they now play a pivotal role in the domestic infrastructure of this industry.

Price list

1 year 2 years 3 years
SureServer ¥39,800 (excluding tax) ¥79,600 (excluding tax) ¥119,400 (excluding tax)