Cyber​​Trust SureServer EV

Product Summary

SureServer EV offers the most rigorous review of publishers in existance and is the most valid EV (Extended Validation Certificate) certificate for Anti-Phishing.

Product features

Safety Appeal

Whether on smartphone or computer, the safety of the site communication is displayed in three colors: green, yellow or red. When the site is verified with SureServe EV, the bar will appear in green.

This allows you to advertise that the site is authentic (not a phishing site).

Top-level smartphones

SureServer EV is compatable with all iOS models and ver2.3 or later Android terminals. We keep abreast of the industry's top level mobile phones and device equipment, as well as personal computers, digital terrestrial broadcasting, and various other devices, such as game systems, etc.

Price list

1 year 2 years 3 years
SureServer EV ¥50,000 (excluding tax) ¥100,000 (excluding tax) ¥150,000 (excluding tax)