Features of CyberTrust

Green highlight on the address bar

EV SSL is the next generation of SSL with a lower cost point.

For the prevention of fraud, such as phishing, we've made significantly strict screening criteria compared to prior versions, such as confirmation of address domain by applicant.

High terminal corresponding rate, low fraud rate

We offer not only mobile, we also cover terrestrial digital broadcasting equipment.

And by sealing your site with the display of date and time, you can prevent unauthorized use.

Acquirable's limited

A registered seal or signature from company, local government, school or business establishment, can prove proprietorship.

If so, a more stringent "EV SSL", will be limited.


SSL certificate 1 year 2 years 3 years
SureServer ¥39,800 (excluding tax) ¥79,600 (excluding tax) ¥119,400 (excluding tax)
SureServer EV ¥50,000 (excluding tax) ¥100,000 (excluding tax) ¥150,000 (excluding tax)

Please check here for instructions on the application certificate.

Site Seal

About Site Seal


Trusted Web seal of CyberTrust is proof that this Web site that has been certified authentic by CyberTrust.

You can advertise that the site is safe and reliable for customers who visit.

Certificate content
URL Common name that has acquired the certificate
Status Certificate status (Active)
Expiration date of the certificate Expiration date of the certificate
Organization name Organization name that has acquired the certificate
Street address Registered land address of the acquired organization certificate

How to attach the Site Seal

You can download the following CyberTrust page.

Download here

If you want to choose the size of the required seal, perhaps because the script is displayed, then copy-and-paste it onto your site's HTML source.