Features of COMODO

Low-cost SSL server certificate with seal display

A handy SSL server certificate that can be obtained in-person.

For those on a tight schedule and need quick approval turn-around. This offers near immediate use to establish a verified communication path for peace of mind and a solid encryption solution.

The world's most issued SSL supplier!

COMODO is the world largest issuer of SSL certificates.

COMODO is also a member of the CA Institution/Browser Forum, seeking to develop international standards for SSLs and browsers.

Wild card-type domain at a low price

Wild Card SSL server certificates at ¥30,000 (excluding tax). We have discounted prices.

In the case where you want to divide domains based on plurality of service, utilization of SSL server certificate becomes very high.


SSL certificate 1 year 2 years 3 years
Positive SSL ¥4,980 (excluding tax) ¥9,960 (excluding tax) ¥14,940 (excluding tax)
Positive SSL Wild Card ¥30,000 (excluding tax) ¥60,000 (excluding tax) ¥90,000 (excluding tax)

Please check here for instructions regarding the application certificate.

Site Seal

About Site Seal


Security authentication of the website has been made via the use of the SSL certificate. The site user can see the seal and quickly recognize its safety. The seal can be obtained free of charge.

Click to display the registration domain has been authenticated and prove the existence of a registered domain name.

# While the address and organization name are not displayed in the pop-up window, you will see that it has an authenticated domain name.

Certificate content
Company / organization name Name of the organization that has acquired the certificate
Location Location-based organization that has acquired the certificate (municipality Ward, prefectures and country)
URL URL that has acquired the certificate

How to attach Site Seal

1. Upload the Site Seal that we sent by e-mail to your server, now available for web site use.

2. Access the COMODO page below, which lists the URL path to your uploaded image.


  # If displayed, the image is complete.

3. Select the position for the site seal.

   Once positioned, select whether it will be fixed or placed (floating type) in a window.

4. In "To view the script", you will see two choices

    Please insert "Section 1" and "Section 2" respective to the specified location.