Only the necessary documents get served.

We act exclusively to serve the SSL certificate setting!

Bitstar SSL

With BitstarSSL, our service is streamlined so only necessary customer information is requested. When creating of CSR files, we perform the work at our side until the certificates are installed.

We often hear: "But I'm not technical..." or "I'm in a hurry ..."

Don't worry. Come to us. We'll take care of you.

Regarding costs

Standard agency fee of ¥15,000(excluding tax)

Installation / CSR of the module according to SSL communication, creation of your secret key / Installation work


  • This optional service is for our returning customers.
  • It is not always possible to make a survey of your results.
  • You can reserve the date and time for your installation work. (Band implementation time is negotiable)
  • There are cases where SSL is not available, such as when the implementaion is performed on a rental server.
  • Please note that in the case of special environments within our standardized work, there may be cause to issue a new quote.

Application flow

Step 1Application (Customer)

Please check the "agency service" setting in the application form.

After completing the application, we'll contact you.

The application form is here

Step2Disclosure of Customer Server Information (Customer)

Your server information will be submitted.

Please prepare an accessible environment in SSH.

# If content changes in a customer's server environment or if you have any questions, please contact us.

Step3Application for Certificate Authority, CSR, and private key generation (the Company).

Regarding OV certificates, when you buy an EV certificate, you may be queried about registration-related documents.
There are cases where confirmation from the Certificate Authority will be directed toward the representative, via their listed phone number.

Step4Examination and certificate issuance (Certificate Authority)

Step5Installation work (the Company)

After the certificate is issued, you will be connected to the target server and you will install an intermediate certificate ·
SSL certificate.

We will contact you before and after the work is started.


After the work is completed, we will contact you again.

Correspondence-possible VPS Service

Correspondence-possible VPS services are mainly as follows:

  • さくらのVPS
  • Conoha by GMO
  • GMOクラウドVPS
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure

The above is just one example. Don't hesistate to contact us!
If you have questions regarding the correspondence-possible server environment, such as in the case of a rental server, please feel to contact us if you have questions.