The SSL server certificate?


Within normal communicaton between the server and the client (http://) that has not been encrypted, the ability for malicious hackers to intercept, eavesdrop and exploit information becomes a real danger.

It is possible to avoid this risk by communication thru SSL.

By using a SSL server certificate, it is possible to confirm the domain of the destination organization by using the site seal and to properly certify the corporate information.

Choose according to your needs.

What are the benefits of SSL server certification?

Data leakage prevention, ensuring security

By encrypting the communication path, ID, password, credit card information, and other sensitive information, it is possible to perfectly protect your assets.

Improve site reliability

Increasing reliability to the user site is the best proof.

In recent years, SSL-enabled search engines have been introduced as SEO measures to increase reliability of sites.

Highly recommended for sites such as:Internet shopping sites,Sites that require membership and Gift campaign sites.